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What is an EVLOS approval?

An EVLOS approval allows the ReOC holder to operate Remotely Pilot Aircraft (RPA), Beyond Visual Line of Sight of the Remote Pilot by the use of observers. The RPA can be operated up to 1500 metres away from an observer anywhere in Australia.

There are two classes of EVLOS approval that can be requested, Class 1 and Class 2. Class 1 EVLOS is where the observer is co-located with the observer and Class 2 EVLOS is where the observer is not co-located with the observer.

How to apply for an EVLOS approval

To obtain EVLOS approval, your organisation will need the following:

  • A Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)
  • EVLOS procedures
  • Completed EVLOS approval application form

Step 1 Develop EVLOS procedures

To operate EVLOS, practices and procedures must be developed; you can prepare these yourself or download a previously approved procedure set for a small fee. The procedures must suit your operations, as the EVLOS instrument of approval will require you to operate as per the procedure. Another consideration in preparing procedures is the reference to the standard template; custom procedures can be utilised, though the EVLOS approval process will be more expensive as a result.

Step 2 Implement EVLOS procedures into the Operations Manual.

Once the EVLOS procedures have been developed, the procedures need to be incorporated into the operations manual. There are two general templates that ReOC Operations Manuals have been designed from, the two manual templates (2016) and the single manual template (2020). For the 2016 template, input the procedures into the operational library under specialised procedures for the single manual template under Appendix G – Specialised procedures.

Step 3 Apply for the EVLOS approval.

Complete the EVLOS approval application form and submit it with the updated operations manual to CASA. The application form must be completed accurately to gain the best result from the EVLOS approval. No should be answered to a specific area, so the EVLOS approval applies to Australia Wide. You will also be asked if it has been developed per the templated procedures.

Step 4 Complete a flight test.

If you have elected for a Class 2 EVLOS approval and have not conducted operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight before, you may be asked to demonstrate your EVLOS operations in front of CASA. The flight test focuses on communication between the team and communication procedures.

How can Aviassist help with your EVLOS approval?

Aviassist can be involved in the EVLOS approval process a much or as little as required. Our RPAS specialists have years of experience in developing procedures for EVLOS and obtaining CASA EVLOS approval.

I need EVLOS procedures – Aviassist has developed an EVLOS procedure pack that can be downloaded instantly from our website. Simply download the procedures and incorporate them into the operational documentation.

I need our operations manual updated to include EVLOS – Aviassist has a document update service. Our team can update your operations manual to latest best practice and include the CASA-approved EVLOS procedures.

I need a managed application process – Aviassist provides a managed approval process which includes implementation training, Our team will complete everything required to gain an EVLOS approval and train key personnel on the features of the approval and associated procedures.

I need EVLOS training – Aviassist has a number of EVLOS training courses developed to ensure your EVLOS operations are a success.

EVLOS frequently asked questions

Who can apply for EVLOS?

Any ReOC holder can apply for EVLOS. Remote pilots with a certain amount of experience can operate EVLOS. Aviassist procedures detail 20 hours of total experience in the RPA category with 5 hours on the RPA type (e.g. Multirotor <25kg)

How long does the approval last?

An EVLOS approval will typically expire on the same date as the REOC and needs to be renewed.

How far can you fly under EVLOS?

Like Beyond Visual Line of Sight, EVLOS operations are limited to 80% of the link range of the RPA. There is also a 1500-metre maximum distance from an observer.

How much does it cost?

The CASA fee for processing the EVLOS approval ranges from approximately $700 for Class 1 to $2880 for Class 2 where a flight test is required. When using Aviasisst’s standard procedures you can expect to get a refund from the estimated fee.

*does not include CASA approval fee

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