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Aviassist's vision is to enable organisations to introduce, grow and mature internal drone programs to realise the benefits in cost, efficiency and safety.

The Aviassist team has a wealth of experience in assisting introduce, grow and mature drone programs. At the core of our vision is quality training ensuring the successful implementation of your company’s Concept of Operation (CONOPS). Quality training coupled with Aviassist’s ancillary professional services provides you with the skills and expertise to achieve a successful outcome.

Introducing a drone program

Depending on your drone programs CONOPS, introducing drones to your organisation can be as straightforward as conducting Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training and obtaining a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC). For larger organisations with a more complex CONOPS, other assessments and planning are required to make the introduction of drones a success. It is vital at this stage the required resources are identified and budgeted for. For complex CONOPS, a Crawl, Walk, then Run mentality is key in proving operational capability to the regulator.

Growing a drone program

The great thing about drones is, in most cases, they bring a quick return on investment financially, in safety and in processes. Most companies want to expand a drone program as quickly as possible to capitalise on these business improvements. Scaling any business activity comes with its challenges, particularly a program that demands compliance and safety. It is critical to instil a good safety culture, conduct continuous improvement of systems and audit the results in safety, compliance and profitability. A crawl, walk then run mentality ensures quality during the scaling stage

Maturing a drone program

As an organisation’s drone program matures it follows a well-established path producing well-known deliverables. This provides the perfect building block to invest in new technology to meet other business challenges, extending the growth of the program.

Aviassist Success Triangle

At the core of success in aviation is safety, compliance and profitability

From Concept of Operation to Success

Aviassist has a proven pathway, from concept of operation to success. This well-proven process has seen countless organisations realise the benefits of drone programs alongside many industry firsts.


Aviassist Journey to Success conops to implementation

Concept of operation

The process starts with an assessment of the concept of operations. The assessment includes a detailed discussion on:

  • The purpose of the proposed drone operations
  • A general overview of the organisation
  • Proposed Remote Aircraft to be utilised
  • The type of areas to be flown
  • What a successful outcome looks like
  • Milestones under a crawl, walk then run mentality

Organisational requirements

Implementing, growing and maturing a drone program usually needs some sort of government certification. Based on the concept of operations we will detail requirements for:

  • Remote Operator Certificates
  • Any relevant permissions, approvals or exemptions
  • Other relevant considerations

Training requirements

Team members involved in the operation of Remotely Piloted aircraft require training. An overview of the required training to achieve the concept of operations. Depending on the current experience of the organisation, the complexity of the CONOPS and the desired pathway, there may be multiple levels of training recommended. These may include:

  • Remote Pilot Licence
  • Nominated Personnel training
  • CONOPS implementation training
  • IREX training
  • EVLOS/BVLOS training


This is where the magic happens. Application packs are prepared, personnel trained and everything starts to progress according to the planned actions defined in the discovery phase. Aviassist’s intent is to transfer as much knowledge whilst bringing the concept of operations to reality. The implementation phase of very complex CONOPS can be broken into incremental capability increases, both to prove the organisational capability and not get bogged down in the approval process.


Aviassist has dedicated support staff ready to help if you need assistance. We also have a range of support packages available should you like our continued involvement in the journey to success.

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