Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) drone training certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The requirement for a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

If you want to operate commercial drones in Australia, as an individual, you will need to conduct drone training to obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). The RePL allows the holder to operate a drone commercially anywhere in Australia. The remote Pilot Licence is perpetual and does not require renewal.

There are four distinct aircraft types:

Fixed Wing Multirotor Helicopter Powered Lift
<7kg <7kg <7kg <7kg
<25kg <25kg <25kg <25kg
Per aircraft type Per aircraft type per aircraft type Per aircraft type

Your RePL training needs to include the aircraft type you wish to operate.

Why Aviassist is an excellent choice for RPAS training

  • Flexible training options, Online Live or In-person
  • Up to 5 hours of practical training
  • Instantaneous issue of the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
  • Aviassist comes from an aviation background and has the experience necessary to ensure safe and efficient operations
  • Professional, experienced instructors, Learn more
  • Aviassist is externally audited
  • 12-month access to the Aviassist online learning management system including support
  • Industry-leading aircraft
  • Discount on industry-leading electronic flight bag Avplan EFB
  • Chief Remote Pilot mentor program
  • All-inclusive pricing

Training to obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

Aviassist’s RePL training is designed to equip professionals in their field with a new tool to capture information/imagery safely and efficiently. Competent delivery of training content is an essential component of training, but the ability to make a foreign concept simple while instilling some good aviation safety culture sets AviAssist apart.

Aviation professionals conduct Aviassist’s RePL training with a piloted aircraft background and extensive experience. The Aviassist team have over 29 000 hours of RPAS instruction and 24 000 hours of piloted aviation experience. Instructors have been trained in best aerial acquisition techniques, and content is delivered via a leading online learning management system. Ipads provided during the course are equipped with all the tools required for a thorough but enjoyable course.

The Remote Pilot Licence is conducted over five days, with three days of theoretical and two days of practical training.

The theory component of the course can be conducted via our “Online Live” virtual classroom or in-person at one of our training venues around Australia. Aviassist also reserves over 100 custom course dates a year and will travel to you for groups of three participants or more.

Practical training is conducted in-person using the fleet of Aviassist training aircraft. Aviassist can provide licensing on Multirotor, Fixed Wing and Powered Lift platforms.

  • Multirotor training is conducted using DJI Phantom 4 and DJI Matrice 600 aircraft
  • Fixed Wing training is conducted using Sensefly Ebee aircraft.
  • Powered Lift training is conducted using the Wingtra and Quantum Systems Trinity aircraft

Access to up to date course material is provided for 12 months with the ability to download an eBook at any time. Through the online learning management system support is offered to students post-training.

Aviassist courses are all-encompassing and include; an Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate, all CASA fees and the submission of all CASA paperwork on your behalf. Aviassist’s objective is to ensure graduates are job-ready.

The Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) course covers the following instructor-led subjects;

Remote Pilot Licence content


Your initial Remote Pilot Licence will see you licensed for Multirotor up to 25kg. Once you have obtained your initial Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), the RePL can be amended to include other weight classes or aircraft types.

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) for existing flight crew

If you have an existing Flight Crew Licence theory pass your previous aviation experience is recognised. Please see the process to obtain a Remote Pilot Licence for Flight Crew Licence holders

The requirement to operate under a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)

Once you have obtained your Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), you will be required to operate under Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC). You can use a pre-existing Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) from your company or another company. Please find information on obtaining a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) here.


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