EVLOS Training

EVLOS training for operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) is a quick and agile way to operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Beyond Visual Line of Sight. An EVLOS operation consists of a Remote Pilot and an Observer who work together to ensure the safety of the operation while Beyond Visual Line of Sight. An EVLOS observer maintains situational awareness, looking for air and ground risk, while the Remote Pilot focuses on flying the RPA.

EVLOS Class 1 consists of the Remote Pilot and Observer being co-located, and the flights can be conducted to a maximum distance of 1500 metres from the observer.

EVLOS Class 2 consists of one or more observers not co-located near the Remote Pilot. The flights can be conducted to a maximum distance of 1500 metres from an observer out to a maximum distance of 80% of the published link range of the RPA.

Aviassist’s EVLOS training course is conducted over two days, providing the theory and practical elements of the EVLOS procedures. The theory component of the EVLOS training consists of half a day spent in the training room covering induction and theory for the Observer and Remote Pilot roles. The remainder is spent in the field flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight.

To operate EVLOS commercially, the ReOC holder will require EVLOS approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. See Aviassist EVLOS approval packages.

EVLOS training- working as a team

One of the most important themes of the EVLOS training is working as a team. Each student has the opportunity to be both the Remote Pilot and the Observer across EVLOS Class 1 and EVLOS Class 2 missions.

Each flight starts with a thorough pre-flight briefing to set the expectations for the flight and when, what and how communication will take place. Emergency actions are determined and the scene is set for a successful flight.

Communcations are conducted across voice, mobile phone and UHF radio.

EVLOS training for Observers

The Observer is responsible for managing both air and ground risk while operating EVLOS and is critical to the overall success of the mission. The Observer EVLOS training begins with a series of induction flights for EVLOS Class 1 and EVLOS Class 2. Once inducted Observer and Remote Pilots rotate across a series of normal flights before progressing to abnormal and even remotely guided landings.

EVLOS training for Remote Pilots

EVLOS training for the Remote Pilot begins with an induction flight included at the time of the observer’s initial training. Once the induction flight is complete, Remote Pilots can fly EVLOS Class 1, EVLOS Class 1 First Person View (FPV), and EVLOS Class 2 with a Remote Landing.

Several simulated abnormal events are included in the EVLOS training to raise confidence in dealing with emergencies, while the RPA is Beyond Visual Line of Sight. A remote landing while under EVLOS Class 2 is included, trusting the observer to guide the aircraft down safely.

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*For Remote Pilot training, students must be competent, have a Remote Pilot Licence and a minimum of 5 hours on multirotor aircraft <25kg.

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