Excluded Category Train The Trainer

Aviassist’s Excluded category train the trainer is delivered over two days in person to enable effective training for those delivering training to Exclude Category pilots.


Effective operations in the excluded category rely on safe and competent operators. Aviassist’s excluded category Train the Trainer course is designed for organisations wanting to provide internal training to operators in the excluded category. Led by experienced RPAS instructors, the training is delivered to Remote Pilot Licence holders in order to develop their ability to teach the fundamentals of operating in the excluded category to those with little to no drone experience.

Delivery Method

Aviassist’s Excluded category train the trainer course is delivered in person over two days. A custom training session, the course is run on demand for groups of three or more remote pilots.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the human element of instruction in the aviation environment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Excluded Category Air Law
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver practical aspects of drone training
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver aircraft-specific training


  • Human Factors in Learning
  • Learning Factors
  • Questioning
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Student progress
  • Briefings
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Air Law for the Excluded Category
  • DJI Phantom 4 Aircraft training
  • Multirotor introductory practical exercises


Attendees must hold a CASA issued multirotor Remote Pilot Licence.

The Train the Trainer course included:

  • Principles and methods of instruction
  • Theory content delivery
  • Practical training delivery

This course uses specific activities, both theoretical and practical, that are proven to produce proficient remote pilots who understand legal and practical requirements within the Excluded Category.

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