About Aviassist

Aviassist's Vision

Aviassist’s vision is to enable organisations to introduce, grow and mature drone programs to realise the benefits in cost, efficiency and safety.

- Ross Anderson, Managing Director

To ensure our vision is realised we:

  • Measure our success by the success of organisations we work with
  • Invest time in understanding our client’s operations
  • Develop pathways to client success
  • Remain engaged with clients, pro-actively looking for further opportunities to assist
  • Evolve our organisation to meet the changing needs of the organisations we work with
  • Develop our people and culture to deliver our vision
  • Maintain an internal knowledge base for the benefit of our clients
  • Transfer knowledge at every opportunity
  • Be forward-looking to foster growth in RPAS use
  • Contextualise training and deliverables to each organisation
  • Maintain independence without conflict of interest
  • Aim to be consistently recognised as Australia’s best RPAS training provider

Aviassist's Mission

Aviassist's mission is to provide the best drone training available on the market that is professional, relevant, and valuable to individuals and their employers.

- Ross Anderson, Managing Director

About Aviassist

Established in 2008, Aviassist is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified company specialising in drone training and dedicated to providing aviation expertise to Australian businesses. We describe ourselves as “your partner in aviation”, and our motto “facilitating flight” describes our commitment to ensuring any aviation activity can be made straightforward and stress-free for our partners.

Aviassist is passionate about promoting safe aviation activities and increasing business safety and efficiency using the latest technology. Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved and independently audited. Aviassist is proud to be the first choice for professional drone training and consultancy for Australia’s leading RPA operators, including government agencies, NGOs, and ASX listed corporations.

Aviassist is a company embracing remotely piloted aircraft and has pioneered custom drone training solutions for commercial RPA operations. We specialise in training those with little or no exposure to aviation and have many years and thousands of hours of real-world experience to share.

Core to Aviassist’s ethos is a deep understanding of the need for the RPAS industry to find a balance between the maturity of piloted aviation and the innovative, new-age thinking of RPAS. Aviassist achieves this by ensuring that operational staff come from a professional aviation background, have a keen interest in RPAS and have an understanding of the role of RPAS in the future of aviation.

The Aviassist team has logged over 10 000 hours of practical RPAS flight instruction and over 20,000 hours of RPAS theory delivery. They have over 40 000 hours of combined piloted aviation experience, making us one of Australia’s most experienced RPAS training providers. Combine this with our daily contact with Australia’s leading RPAS operators, ensuring our understanding of best practices remains accurate and comprehensive. Aviassist is a cost-effective, quality rich option for obtaining education relating to RPAS operations.

Managing Director

Ross Anderson, Managing Director

Ross Anderson Aviassist managing director

Ross Anderson, Managing Director

Ross Anderson has a passion for driving business efficiency through Remotely Piloted aviation. Ross is a key industry participant and has arguably enabled more operators in the RPAS space than any other individual.

Ross has a deep understanding of the industry and challenges that confront participants. An expert in human factors, a commercial pilot of more than 17 years of experience, and an accomplished RPAS operator, Ross thoroughly understands the interplay between aviation knowledge, culture, and safety outcomes.

Ross has a Bachelor of Science (Aviation) and a Diploma in Quality Assurance. Ross developed one of the first commercial drone training courses to be recognised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and continues to work with the regulator to enable the safe use of RPAS technology to its full capability. Based in Newcastle, Ross assists with RPAS training across Australia.

Aviassist leadership team

Liam Outram is Aviassist's Chief Remote Pilot and Chief RPAS Instructor.

Perth Drone Training Instructor

Liam is Aviassist's Chief Remote Pilot and Chief RPAS Instructor.

Liam is Aviassist’s Chief Remote Pilot and Chief RPAS Instructor.

Liam Outram is a commercial RPAS Instructor and piloted Fixed Wing Instructor.
Liam has a Bachelor of Science (Aviation) and Graduate Diploma in Flying. Based in Perth, Liam is Aviassist’s, Chief Remote Pilot. See more about Liam

Liam demonstrates excellence in the operations of RPAS and a deep understanding of the learning process. Driven by a desire to open the RPAS industry to all, Liam has worked tirelessly to curate RPAS training content that is easily understandable by new industry participants.

Rowan Kimber, Commercial Manager

Melbourne drone training instructor

Rowan Kimber, Commercial Manager

Rowan Kimber is an award-winning aviation lawyer and is regarded as one of Australia’s most knowledgeable RPAS regulatory experts. Rowan’s legal knowledge is backed by strong aviation industry participation, a commercial pilot with over 5000 hours in fixed-wing aircraft, including time as a piloted flight instructor and over 1000 hours instructing on RPAS. A strong believer in the positive safety outcomes derived from a better understanding of aviation regulation. Rowan provides regulatory guidance to some of Australia’s largest RPAS operators in the pursuit of safer skies for all.

Rowan holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and Master of Laws. Rowan is also a qualified Lead Auditor and has completed Aerial Survey and Mapping training with Remote Results. Based in Melbourne, Rowan leads Aviassist RPAS training in Victoria and Tasmania. See more about Rowan.

Lydia Toohey, Executive Assistant & Accounts Manager

Lydia King RPAS training Office Manager

Lydia Toohey, Executive Assistant & Accounts Manager

Lydia Toohey is Aviassist’s Executive Assistant & Accounts Manager. Lydia has also conducted RPAS training with Aviassist. Based in Aviassist’s head office in Newcastle, Lydia ensures your experience with Aviassist is professional and personable.

New South Wales drone training

Grant Eaton, RPAS training specialist

Sydney drone training instructor

Grant Eaton, RPAS training specialist

Grant Eaton is a commercial RPAS instructor. Grant served with the Royal Australian Air Force for 8 years as a Loadmaster and has spent time managing hotels. With a passion for training, Grant’s unique background positions him to deliver professional training whilst taking care of students. Based in Sydney, Grant leads RPAS training in New South Wales.

Craig Sunderland, RPAS training specialist

Craig Sunderland, RPAS training specialist

Craig Sunderland is a commercial RPAS instructor. Craig has a professional education background and is a retained firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW. Craig holds a Bachelor of Science (Aviation), Bachelor of Science (Physics and Mathematics) and a Graduate Diploma in education. Craig also holds a Fixed Wing Commercial Pilot Licence. Based in Newcastle, Craig leads RPAS training across NSW.

Western Australia drone training

Steve Penfold, RPAS training specialist

western australia drone training instructor

Steve Penfold, RPAS training specialist

Steve Penfold is a commercial RPAS and piloted Fixed-Wing Instructor. Steve’s professional aviation background includes considerable experience in airborne surveys, including the processing and presentation of airborne data. In addition to his piloted experience, Steve has been involved in the RPAS space since 2011 and has previously held the position of Chief Remote Pilot.

Steve joined Aviassist in early 2020 and leads Remote Pilot Licence courses on Multirotor, Fixed Wing and Powered Lift aircraft. Steve has also gained significant experience with JARUS SORA,  joining Aviassist’s BVLOS/SORA training team and assisting with the preparation of application packs for complex operations.

Simon Butler, RPAS training specialist

Simon Butler, RPAS Instructor

Simon Butler is a commercial RPAS Instructor and Piloted Helicopter pilot. Simon is an experienced multi-engine IFR Helicopter Captain with 20 years’ experience operating Large twin-engine helicopters in various locations around the world. Based in Perth, Simon leads RPAS training throughout Western Australia.

Lachlan Scrase, RPAS training specialist

Lachlan Scrase, RPAS training specialist

Lachlan Scrase is a commercial RPAS Instructor and piloted Fixed Wing Instructor. Lachlan is a Grade 1 flight instructor specialising in advanced training. Lachlan holds a Bachelor of Science (Aviation). Based in Perth, Lachlan leads RPAS training across Western Australia

Queensland drone training

James Sheridan, Senior RPAS training specialist

Queensland drone training specialist James SHridan

James Sheridan, RPAS Instructor

James Sheridan is a commercial RPAS Instructor and piloted Fixed Wing Instructor with considerable experience in Remote Sensing. James holds a Bachelor of Aviation and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Based in Aviassist’s Brisbane office, James is Aviassist’s Senior Base Pilot for Queensland.

Ryan Midgley, RPAS training specialist

Ryan Midgley, RPAS Instructor

Ryan Midgley is a commercial RPAS Instructor and holds a commercial helicopter pilots licence. Ryan holds a Diploma in Aviation and has over 3000 hours of aeronautical experience. Based in Aviassist’s Brisbane office, Ryan leads RPAS training across Queensland.

South Australia drone training

Jason Milne, RPAS training specialist

Jason Milne, RPAS Instructor

Jason Milne is a commercial RPAS Instructor and piloted Fixed Wing and Rotary flight instructor. Jason holds a Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management, Certificate IV in Training and Assessing, Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety plus Lead Auditor and Air Accident Investigator qualifications. Jason has over 6000 hours of aeronautical experience in a variety of military and civilian aircraft. Based in Adelaide, Jason leads training across South Australia

Victoria drone training

Stephen Childs, RPAS training specialist

Stephen Childs is a commercial RPAS instructor and piloted Fixed Wing instructor. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Aviation and has considerable time instructing. Based in Melbourne, Stephen leads RPAS training across Victoria.

Amy Menzies, Customer Success

drone training customer success

Amy Menzies, Customer Success

Based at Aviassist’s head office in Newcastle, Amy ensures customer success from initial licensing to organising operational support. Amy has also completed drone training and holds a Remote Pilot Licence for Multirotor aircraft up to 25kg.

Carly Quinn, Training Coordinator

Carly Quinn, Training Coordinator

Based in Aviassist’s head office in Newcastle ;
Carly coordinates the annual schedule of Training Events at Aviassist.

Carly works closely with venues, clients and staff to ensure all training is executed safely and efficiently.

Hannah Treadwell, Administration

drone training administration

Hannah Treadwell, Administration

Based in Aviassist’s head office in Newcastle ;
Hannah ensures Licence and Certificate Applications are processed smoothly and efficiently.

Hannah has obtained an RPA Operator Accreditation.

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