About Aviassist

Aviassist's Vision

Aviassist’s vision is to enable organisations to introduce, grow and mature drone programs to realise the benefits in cost, efficiency and safety.

- Ross Anderson, Managing Director

To ensure our vision is realised we:

  • Measure our success by the success of organisations we work with
  • Invest time in understanding our client’s operations
  • Develop pathways to client success
  • Remain engaged with clients, pro-actively looking for further opportunities to assist
  • Evolve our organisation to meet the changing needs of the organisations we work with
  • Develop our people and culture to deliver our vision
  • Maintain an internal knowledge base for the benefit of our clients
  • Transfer knowledge at every opportunity
  • Be forward-looking to foster growth in RPAS use
  • Contextualise training and deliverables to each organisation
  • Maintain independence without conflict of interest
  • Aim to be consistently recognised as Australia’s best RPAS training provider

Aviassist's Mission

Aviassist's mission is to provide the best drone training available on the market that is professional, relevant, and valuable to individuals and their employers.

- Ross Anderson, Managing Director

About Aviassist

Established in 2008, Aviassist is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified company specialising in drone training and dedicated to providing aviation expertise to Australian businesses. We describe ourselves as “your partner in aviation”, and our motto “facilitating flight” describes our commitment to ensuring any aviation activity can be made straightforward and stress-free for our partners.

Aviassist is passionate about promoting safe aviation activities and increasing business safety and efficiency using the latest technology. Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved and independently audited. Aviassist is proud to be the first choice for professional drone training and consultancy for Australia’s leading RPA operators, including government agencies, NGOs, and ASX listed corporations.

Aviassist is a company embracing remotely piloted aircraft and has pioneered custom drone training solutions for commercial RPA operations. We specialise in training those with little or no exposure to aviation and have many years and thousands of hours of real-world experience to share.

Core to Aviassist’s ethos is a deep understanding of the need for the RPAS industry to find a balance between the maturity of piloted aviation and the innovative, new-age thinking of RPAS. Aviassist achieves this by ensuring that operational staff come from a professional aviation background, have a keen interest in RPAS and have an understanding of the role of RPAS in the future of aviation.

The Aviassist team has logged over 10 000 hours of practical RPAS flight instruction and over 20,000 hours of RPAS theory delivery. They have over 40 000 hours of combined piloted aviation experience, making us one of Australia’s most experienced RPAS training providers. Combine this with our daily contact with Australia’s leading RPAS operators, ensuring our understanding of best practices remains accurate and comprehensive. Aviassist is a cost-effective, quality rich option for obtaining education relating to RPAS operations.

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