Advanced Excluded Category Training

The theory component of this course is conducted through Aviassist’s Online Learning Management system and consists of a number of modules to ensure operations are conducted safely within the regulations dictated by Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) standard operating conditions.

Online Modules include:

  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Air Law
  • Aircraft Specific Information
  • How To’s
  • Use of applications to automate your drone

The practical component of this course will be directed by Aviassist’s qualified and experienced instructors to a Remote Pilot Standard, giving students the skills to confidently and proficiently operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft within the Excluded Category. Flight time is assigned approximately 1.5 days; however, the practical component is competency-based and will be an assessment by Aviassist’s quality-conscious trainers.

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Excluded Category Training with Aviassist, the qualifications gained from this course can be credited towards our Remote Pilot Licence courses offered Australia-wide.

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