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The years 2020 to present have seen us push through a whirlwind of lockdowns, vaccine mandates and shut borders. Nothing was guaranteed, everything was unpredictable, but there was some comfort in knowing we were all in it together.

From Cockpit to Controls: International Virgin Pilot turned RPAS Instructor shares why she’s happy she made the switch – Aviassist – CASA Drone Training & Aviation Training

It’s no secret that the pandemic wreaked financial devastation across the aviation industry, most notable for international airlines and staff.

Finally, international borders are open, families are reuniting, and vaccination mandates are disappearing. We started to see some normality back in the skies and down on the tarmac.


DJI has released their new FPV (First Person View) drone introducing new ways to capture amazing content. Under CASA standard operating conditions FPV is not available. CASA's Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) allows operating drones using First Person View.

Implementing Senior Base Pilots

Introducing Senior Base Pilots into the organisational structure of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators allows significant streamlining of the organisation. When implemented correctly, this significantly reduces the day to day workload of the Chief Remote Pilot and increases the flexibility of the organisation.

Does the mining environment mean mining drone flights need an area approval?

Open cut mines by their nature are deep holes in the ground. Despite the fact that the ground level has been varied artificially, mining drone flights must still keep to operating below 400ft above the mine pit floor unless approved otherwise. Mining operations do not stop just because a mining drone flight has been requested. Without further approval, the drone must be kept at least 30 metres laterally away from all people.

AAUS Seminar Series – Continuous Improvement for Remote Operators

Aviassist and the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS) have partnered to bring you a seminar series on continuous improvement for Remote Operators. The seminar series is visiting a number of locations over the coming months.The seminar series focuses on improving business practices to increase the opportunity for operators of Remote Aircraft. The seminar is opened by the AAUS and features time to network with fellow remote aircraft operators.

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