Aviassists Finalists: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Professional of the Year

Founder and Managing Director of Aviassist, Ross Anderson, and Head of Professional and Legal Services, Rowan Kimber, were finalists for 2022 Remotely Piloted Aircraft Professional of the Year award.

Held at the Star Casino, the awards were a brilliant opportunity to forge closer connections between members of the industry, and build exposure for all the professionals and businesses involved. 

Aviassist believes in recognition for hard work and dedication, so it is an honour for two members of the team to be nominated and further cement themselves as leaders in RPAS. It is worth a mention that Rowan is celebrating 5 years with Aviassist – and in the RPAS industry – on Sunday the 4th of September!

Not only is it a remarkable benchmark for excellence, but an opportunity to congratulate the entire team on their collaborative efforts to positively shape the future of aviation with the growth and development of the industry at the forefront of the business mission. 

Aviassist was also proud to partner with Australian Aviation and presented the RPAS Business of the Year award to Australian UAV Service (Surf Life Saving NSW), Congratulations again!

Thank you to Australian Aviation, and the award partners for the ability to gain national recognition for achievement across the industry.

For more information on Australian Aviation, please visit: https://australianaviation.com.au/australian-aviation-awards/ 

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