Aviassist launches Remote Pilot Licence training “online live”

Aviassist launches "online live", a facility to conduct quality face to face training, remotely. "Online live" will be available for Remote Pilot Licence training as well as a number of micro-credentials.

Aviassist has been trialling an “online live” facility for the past 12 months. “Online live” features a virtual classroom led by one of our professional instructors. The trials have been successful in delivering a quality training outcome and have been well-received as an option to complete components of the Remote Pilot Licence. Aviassist online live, was due to be soft-launched on the 10th April 2020. Given that organisations are facing travel bans and restrictions on external training all Aviassist students will be given the option to complete the theory component of the Remote Pilot Licence training utilising Aviassist online live.

Online training we have seen to date has been structured very poorly, leaving students to fend for themselves. Aviassist online live introduces a new standard for online Remote Pilot Licence training. There is no comparison to face to face training, this product is face to face training, albeit remotely.

- Ross Anderson, Managing Director, Aviassist

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training organisations have been transitioning to the new Part 101 Manual of Standards. The new Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training course features 15 hours of theory content, a radio qualification and 2 days of practical training which comes into effect on the 10th of April 2020.

Aviassist is working with regulators to ensure the transition to the new format occurs in a timely fashion.

Aviassist will be launching the new RPAS training course with the option for the theory component to be conducted at one of our training facilities face to face or through Aviassist online live. On completion of the theory component, students complete the practical component face to face on their choice of Multirotor, Fixed Wing or Powered Lift aircraft.

Aviassist is committed to the success of our clients. Remotely Piloted Aircraft are a cost-saving tool as well as a method of keeping the workforce safe, both particularly important considerations at this time. COVID19 has introduced a barrier to implementing these initiatives and Aviassist is working as fast as possible to provide a method for fast-tracking licensing when face to face capabilities return.

The COVID19 pandemic is untimely, students can not complete the theory component of the Remote Pilot Licence in the current format and the practical component in the new format. In the current climate, Aviassist could not guarantee the safety of our students and elected to suspend operations until such time as we can. The suspension is only a temporary measure and we are working to ensure delays in licensing are kept to a minimum.

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