What Support is Available After Training?

One of our main aims at Aviassist is to provide education and training to promote the safe use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). Our RPAS training courses are designed and delivered to reflect this goal, but that is just the beginning.

Despite the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) being perpetual, support does not end when your course ends and the licence has been received. Aviassist appreciate that working within the aviation industry, specifically with RPAS, means dealing with complex concepts, constantly evolving technology and changes to rules and regulations dictating your operations.

Aviassist understands that becoming confident and efficient users of RPAS, airspace and all things aviation, takes time and practice. To support and assist in facilitating this, we provide all students with 12 months of access to our online learning management system. This is to prevent gaps between training and practice, for skills and information that are infrequently used or more complex to remember.

An additional benefit of Aviassist’s specifically designed online learning management system is that it acts as a centralised repository of content, that users may need to access when on a job. Students can access this portal 24/7 to refresh and revise where required. Individuals can extend their access after the 12 months subscription if they wish.

Facilitating online discussion is a proven method of continuing and cementing deep understanding. For this reason, Aviassist provides a ‘help’ button built within the online student portal that allows you to connect with our knowledgeable instructors, who can assist with real-world questions, problems and general concerns regarding all things RPAS and aviation. Feedback is specific and accurate to the request and offers the opportunity for discussion and direct interaction.

We understand that often time restraints affect the need to gain a response quickly. To support you in this area, we have highly-trained and experienced administration staff who are always happy to take your call.


Understanding the next pathways that can be taken as an RPAS operator and navigating complex procedures can be overwhelming. With an incredible wealth of knowledge within Aviassist, we have experienced it all and offer knowledgeable support for you and your business, to take the next step. Endorsements for different aircraft type and weight categories, Remote Operator certificate applications, audits and approvals are some other areas we can offer specialised support.

RePL Training

Essentially, Aviassist’s support networks were established to assist with continuous learning, whether that is specific to your Remote Pilot Licence or you were looking to expand your business opportunities further. Working in an industry with the opportunity for so much growth and expansion, requires expert advice and support, and that is what Aviassist offer.

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