Aviassist and Officeworks partner to bring professional excluded category training

Aviassist and Officeworks have partnered to bring professional online training to Australian business taking advantage of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s excluded drone category. The excluded category is the perfect way for Australian business to dip their toe in utilising drones commercially.

Excluded category

The excluded category is a category of remote aircraft where no formal licence requirements exist. Commercial operators can fly remote aircraft less than 2kg and landowners up to 25kg within the standard operating conditions. Operators must register for the excluded category with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority five days prior to the commencement of commercial operations.

excluded category

What does the excluded category training entail?

The course has been designed by Aviassist with drones sold through Officeworks specifically in mind. The drone training is conducted through Aviassist’s online training portal and consists of a number of modules to ensure operations are conducted safely within the limitations of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s standard operating conditions. Online Modules include

  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Air Law
  • Aircraft Specific information
  • How to’s
  • Use of applications to automate your drone

Students can follow on with flight training to gain public liability insurance in the excluded category or conduct further training for the issue of a Remote Pilot Licence up to 25kg. (RePL)

How to gain access to the excluded category training package

Excluded category training packages are available at any of Officeworks 163 stores Australia wide or online as part of the business services range. Access to training material is provided for 12 months and can be downloaded as an electronic publication.

officeworks drone training

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