How Long has the Training Organisation been in Business?

Established in 2008, Aviassist is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certified company specialising in the training and application of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), for commercial business purposes. Aviassist is committed to offering comprehensive education and training to ensure safety and proficiency when operating RPAS.

Aviassist’s journey began as an experience base of professional pilots, providing flight crew for Aeromedical, Aerial Survey and Corporate Charter. Sharing a wealth of knowledge with the next generation of commercial pilots, aviation training was incorporated to provide authentic experiences to aspiring flight crew.

A shift in airspace-use with the development and increased use and demand of RPAS, saw a reciprocated need for specific training to promote safe and educated use. Aviassist shifted their focus to embrace RPAS and pioneered custom training solutions for their commercial operation.

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Commercial Drone 15kg

Aviassist’s managing director, Ross Anderson, is responsible for developing one of the very first commercial drone courses to be recognised by CASA.

With 18 years aviation experience, Ross is passionate about the aviation industry and ensuring that the company stays abreast of the constantly evolving technologies and protocols, whilst maintaining innovative and engaging training courses.

All instructors at Aviassist, have commercial aviation backgrounds, bringing an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to your RPAS training. Our accomplished instructors are able to apply information to a wide range of aviation scenarios to ensure information is accessible and relevant within your business context. Understanding that people come from varying levels of experience and prior knowledge, Aviassist’s training is shaped to be attainable for all and to provide your business with the opportunity to access specific training courses that best suit your needs.

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Aviassist has continued to exceed industry and customer expectations time and time again since its conception and is proud to have equipped a wide range of industry sectors with the knowledge and skills to be able to operate RPAS proficiently.

Today, Aviassist is proud to be the first choice for professional drone training and consultancy for some of Australia’s largest companies and government departments across Australia.

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