Drone Safety Audits

Ensuring drone operations are conducted in a safe and compliant manner is key to the long term success of utilising drones commercially. External audits also offer the perfect opportunity to improve processes and procedures within the business.

Aviassist has been involved in piloted and remotely piloted aviation for over a decade and our certified lead auditing team have a vast amount of aviation experience. The Aviassist team can provide a number of different drone safety audits depending on your company requirements. Audits can take place against CASA, internal or external requirements and can be conducted as a desktop assessment or on site. Audits are conducted using a just culture with a focus on safety, compliance and continual improvement.

Compliance Drone Safety Audits

One of the most important drone safety audits to undertake is a compliance audit. On commencement of the Remote Operator Certificate an operational manual suite has been approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. From here it is the Chief Remote Pilot’s role to ensure these procedures are being adhered to and limit liability for the company. With drones being critical to continued business success a set of trained, professional and experienced eyes can quickly identify areas requiring attention. Compliance drone safety audits are conducted in an independent just fashion against the procedures in your Operational Manual Suite. There are two general options available:

  • Desktop audit against company operational procedures and documented evidence
  • On-site audit observing drone operations in practice against company operational procedures

Contractor Drone Safety Audits

Need to know external drone operators coming on to site are safe? Contractor drone safety audits can be assessed against their operational procedures for compliance, against internal criteria or against third-party criteria. Audits are thorough and conducted in a short time frame to get contractors onto the site as quickly as possible.

  • Remote Operator Certificate holders
  • Excluded Category Operators

Pre-approval Drone Safety Audits

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approvals for drone operations should be considered part of normal business. Obtaining approvals to operate outside of the standard operating conditions allows Remote Operator Certificate holders to truly exploit the benefits of drones. Pre-approval drone safety audits are conducted against the JARUS Specific Operational Risk Assessment criteria used by CASA.

  • BVLOS approvals
  • >400ft approvals
  • See more about approvals

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