Who is your Drone Instructor?

One of the most important aspects of passing your Remote Pilot Licence and becoming a successful Remote Pilot is your Drone Instructor. AviAssist has carefully selected our Drone Instructors with your success in mind. Every AviAssist Drone Instructor has extensive commercial aviation experience and the skill to pass on their wealth of knowledge. The ability to make a foreign concept simple, whilst instilling good aviation safety culture sets AviAssist apart.

The aviation industry is unique. Unlike many other industries where things are black and white, aviation is not always as straight forward. The tips and tricks provided by your Drone Instructor will help you navigate the peculiarities of the industry, winning work where others say no.

AviAssist strongly believes the best method to deliver the Remote Pilot Licence course content is face to face. This allows your instructor to contexualise information towards your future applications, ensuring your success. Your Drone Instructor will guide you through each of the modules and answer, in detail, any questions you may have. Should you have any upcoming tasks you are unsure of, bring in the details for discussion. Quite often the first job is the hardest.

Your AviAssist instructors stick by you well after the 5 days it takes to complete the course. Through the Aviassist online learning management system you will have access to the team’s wealth of knowledge for 12 months after course completion. After the 12 months, you still have read only access to all of the course material including the latest revisions.

AviAssist Drone Instructors are passionate about their job and genuinely interested in your success. We welcome you to join the AviAssist family.

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Ross Anderson circa 2015

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