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Aviassist Takes Out AAUS Education & Safety Award

Avaissist is proud to announce it has taken out the Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems’ Education and Safety Award at the recent AAUS Industry Champion Awards

Jobs of the Future – Training Australia’s Next Generation of Drone Operators 

Drone operating is no longer something that people are hesitant to take up, with knowledge of their great benefits becoming more widely known in key industries including agriculture, mining, and emergency services. 

AviAssist in the media: Game of Drones: AviAssist’s training leads to new heights

2021 National Young Entrepreneur finalist, Ross Anderson, speaks to Business News Australia about his business, his role in disaster relief recovery and details how he stays across the latest drone technology in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Aviassist in the media: Why it makes sense for drones to be delivering rapid antigen tests so potentially COVID infected people don’t need to go out in public

Aviassist in the media: Newcastle-based aviation expert urges country to ‘get electric plane ready’

Should we be celebrating National Inventor’s Day in Australia?

Drones taken to new heights with ELEVATE Sydney

When passenger planes and drones collide – metaphorically speaking

RPA noise regulations are here

This week marked the first significant step in the regulation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft noise in Australia.

Aviassist in the Media: Working with top US drone manufacturer Skydio

A Highlight to end 2021

Aviassist Founder Ross Anderson recognised in prestigious awards

Aviassist moves to NEW drone training Perth facility

Aviassist has completed the fit-out of our new drone training Perth facility. The training base features three dedicated training spaces with the latest in audiovisual as well as a place to relax whilst on break.


DJI has released their new FPV (First Person View) drone introducing new ways to capture amazing content. Under CASA standard operating conditions FPV is not available. CASA's Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) allows operating drones using First Person View.

Drone No-Fly zones established around airports

The Part 101 Manual of standards introduced No-Fly zones around all aerodromes in April 2020. The No-Fly zones restrict operations within 3 nautical miles of controlled and non-controlled aerodromes.

Implementing Senior Base Pilots

Introducing Senior Base Pilots into the organisational structure of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators allows significant streamlining of the organisation. When implemented correctly, this significantly reduces the day to day workload of the Chief Remote Pilot and increases the flexibility of the organisation.

Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) expands horizons

Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) allows flight Beyond Visual Line of Sight of the Remote Pilot by using trained observers. EVLOS operations can be obtained through a straightforward approval process.

Return of Remote Pilot Licence training

After a four week suspension of in-person training activities, Aviassist has conservatively scheduled a return of Remote Pilot Licence training.

Aviassist awarded AAUS Education and Safety 2020 industry champion award

Winners of the annual Australian Association of Unmanned Systems industry champion awards were announced on Friday with Aviassist being awarded the Education and Safety category for their Train the Trainer program.

CASA delays MOS transition for RPA Operators

In response to the current COVID-19 disruptions, CASA has delayed the record-keeping requirements introduced by the Part 101 Manual of Standards for RPA operators by six months.

Aviassist launches Remote Pilot Licence training “online live”

Aviassist launches "online live", a facility to conduct quality face to face training, remotely. "Online Live" will be available for Remote Pilot Licence training as well as a number of micro-credentials.

COVID19 delays Remote Pilot Licence training

With the increasing prevalence of COVID19, Aviassist has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend operations to ensure the safety of our staff and guests.

How Aviassist is protecting you amid Corona Virus concerns

In the wake of the current COVID-19 outbreak the health and safety of our students and staff is of utmost concern. With six or less students per class, our small numbers provide an optimum learning environment while protecting your well-being.

Regis Resources Reaches New Depths using Area Approval

Drones Revolutionising Training Analysis in professional sport

Volunteers Going Above & Beyond for Disaster Relief

Can Drones be flown in the Rain

Do you require a Remote Operator Certificate

What Weight Category Will Your Remote Pilot Licence Be

How Long has the Training Organisation been in Business?

What Support is Available After Training?

What Aircraft Models are used during the Training?

Should RPAS Training be conducted via Online training or Face-to-Face?

Where can your drone licence take you?

Learning from past RPAS accidents and incidents

The recent statistics on RPAS accidents and incidents shows Australian RPAS operators are still missing the opportunity to learn from mistakes of the past

Aviassist recognised as drone industry champion in safety and education

Aviassist was the winner of the Education and Safety category of the Australian Association of Unmanned Systems industry champion awards

Opensky first new drone safety app, potential yet to be realised

CASA has retired the “Can I Fly there app” which was plagued with problems and replaced it with a digital platform for aviation app developers to connect to. The first app approved by CASA is “Opensky” by Wing.

Does the mining environment mean mining drone flights need an area approval?

Open cut mines by their nature are deep holes in the ground. Despite the fact that the ground level has been varied artificially, mining drone flights must still keep to operating below 400ft above the mine pit floor unless approved otherwise. Mining operations do not stop just because a mining drone flight has been requested. Without further approval, the drone must be kept at least 30 metres laterally away from all people.

AAUS Seminar Series – Continuous Improvement for Remote Operators

Aviassist and the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS) have partnered to bring you a seminar series on continuous improvement for Remote Operators. The seminar series is visiting a number of locations over the coming months.The seminar series focuses on improving business practices to increase the opportunity for operators of Remote Aircraft. The seminar is opened by the AAUS and features time to network with fellow remote aircraft operators.

Creating drone operation intelligence

Drone registration enabling drones in Australia

Which Drone type training suits your needs?

Getting a drone pilot job

Who is your Drone Instructor?

Meet the Aviassist team – Liam Outram

DJI Battery Failures highlight the need for rigorous Safety Management Systems (SMS)

DJI issued two press releases regarding in-flight power losses on aircraft using their TB50 & TB55 intelligent flight batteries

Invictus Games sees drone restrictions

Whose liable – operating drones for your employer?

Meet the Aviassist team – Rowan Kimber

What is Powered Lift?

Commonwealth games Temporary Restricted Area results in police shooting down drone

Drone scholarship lifting force for young Australian

New drone rules tighten unlicensed drone operations

CASA’s “ can I fly there ” app not for professionals

Aviassist and Officeworks partner to bring professional excluded category training

Which radio frequency should commercial drone pilots be using?

Is your drone telling you the correct height to operate legally and safely?

How understanding the weather will help your commercial drone operations

Improving the accuracy from your Aerial Survey Drone

Extending the line of sight for commercial drones

Can new tech open up BVLOS to smaller drones?

The opportunities and challenges of flying drones beyond line of sight (BVLOS)

Commercial drones without a licence

Safe flying with unsafe drone tech?

Are you doing these five things to look after your batteries?

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